About KEKE

Reality Show Life – Beyond the craziness that comes with putting your life under the microscope of reality shows, Keke relished the opportunity to share her stories—good, bad and ugly—with others on “R&B Divas Atlanta” and “Marriage Boot Camp” debuting in October 2016 on the WETV Network. “I’m an open book,” Keke states. “I want people to know, ‘I’m just like you. The one thing that is hard is reading evil comments about my family on social media.
TV Series/Show Life- In 2016 Keke Wyatt joined the cast of Bounce TV hit show “Saints and Sinners” as Lady Greene (character). In 2021 Keke Wyatt joined the cast of the BET+ hit Movie “Favorite Son” as Ivy Whitlow (character).

Between the runaway-elevator life that inspires her songs and the reality shows in which she stars that find her generously sharing her highs and lows to help others. International singing star Keke Wyatt has a treasure trove of music on the subject of love. So much so that her latest project, Rated Love (released via her own Aratek Entertainment through a multi-album artist services deal with global distribution company Ingrooves Music Group) has morphed from a five-song EP to a 12-song CD into a deluxe digital download boasting 17 songs plus interludes. Rated Love goes further than any previous Keke Wyatt release to reveal “the real” Keke with a diverse collection of material by the lady and her team of writers and producers that includes R&B, country, techno-pop, acoustic soft rock, and contemporary inspirational styles—all served by the wallop of Wyatt’s dynamic vocals reflecting more of the music she has taken to heart across her lifetime.

Keke’s fans constantly request her to sing a lot of covers from another artist. Keke decided to release a “Keke Covers Album” with some of her fan’s favorite songs. She also started a “Keke Covers” series on her YouTube channel where she posts videos in the studio wailing anything from Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” and Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” to Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey” and—most popular—Jeremih’s “Oui,” which taps into her more youthful friend’s base. Especially touching is her recent video “Diamonds and Pearls” by Prince—an artist to whom she feels most kindred. “I loved when Prince sang from his bass to his falsetto all in one song. And we’re both gifted with playing multiple instruments. I think my ‘friends’ would really enjoy seeing me play instruments more.” On October 17, 2018 Mrs. Keke Wyatt got married to Mr. Zackariah Darring. “It is funny how life will come back around” Keke says. Mr. Zackariah Darring grew up in Indianapolis, he was Keke’s first boyfriend. They have reunited and Life has brought them back together as husband and wife, living as a blended family with their 11 children from ages 6 months to 21 years old.

Domestic Violence Spokesperson A highly publicized domestic violence incident with her first husband/manager in 2001, and the loss of a childhood friend to domestic violence moved Keke to become a dedicated advocate for other such victimized women. She is a spokesperson for “The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence”, as well as a celebrity supporter and activist with the “Saving Our Daughters organization.” Keke interacts with domestic abuse victims and uses her music and entertainment platforms to bring the issue public awareness. Keke Wyatt has become a beacon of encouragement for women trying to overcome their circumstances.